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I am looking to sell my kayak, due to the fact that I don't have time to use it anymore. It's a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 about a year old, and in good shape. This is a great kayak that can fish anything this area throws at it.

comes with:

-brand new cuda 128 fishfinder
-scotty rod holders
-aqua bound paddle
-gel seat cover

This kayak is ready for the water now, or in the spring. Send me a b-mail -or email [email protected] - or call me 757-353-9668 if interested. Thanks Trey

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[Q]runkle originally wrote:
Okay, thanks. Red is actually good for visibility for other powered boats. Safety first.haha
Article below from Kayak Fishing Stuff (http://www.kayakfishingstuff.com) indicates red is not that visible.
Articles - Fishing Kayak Colors
Chuck Truitt
This article was posted on our message boards. We feel that visibility is a very important consideration when buying a kayak. This little story shows how some colors are seen on the water and how colors that many think to be bright - just don't show well on the water. We encourage people who buy a fishing kayak from Kayak Fishing Stuff that orange, mango and yellow are brightest colors on the water and should be considered if you want to be visible while kayak fishing.

Posted on 3/5/2005
This is a subject that you should probably consider, Visibility! The biggest thing you want on the water is contrast. Yaks lie so low on the water that they are hard to be seen. Not so much of a problem on the fresh water, but through several years of experience on the ocean, and estuaries, and around powerboats, you should definitely want to be seen.

If the only thing you will ever do in your yak is fresh water fish, and you are only concerned with yourself then you may want to disregard this, but if you have your family, or friends on your yak and you swim, dive, or use it on the ocean or where there is boat traffic, you ought to consider this post. Let me talk about a couple things here.

First is the fact that on the ocean the water is not flat. Even a foot of swell, which is a very small amount, can cause the yak to become much more invisible. If you spend anytime out of the boat, snorkeling, swimming, or diving - especially, and there is any chop, or swells, that yak can disappear and you could practically be on top of the thing. I like to put up a three-foot rod with a dive flag on it, and that's for me and my other divers or swimmers more than anyone, because it's not nice to have to swim all the way back in because you couldn't find your yak. A person in the water is at eye level with the surface, and I'm "serious as a heart attack" when I tell you that the yak can disappear. Anyone bearing down in a powerboat may not spot the yak in till the last few seconds as well; getting swamped, or worse is NOT NICE!

The second thing I want to relate to you is that color makes a large difference too. I was a missionary/pastor of a church on Okinawa and most of my people were American military, and most of them Marines. In this particular incident in 1999 everyone in our group of about a dozen were Marines, except for my 12 year old son, and my wife, who accompanies us much of the time. We even had a female Marine, Major. Everyone was in excellent condition. We had been out to the reef, about a mile off the eastern shore of Miyagi Jima where most everyone was riding the waves. I always spend some time in the water, so I had been snorkeling and came in about 30 minutes before the others with some goodies. Standing up high on the rocks I was watching for them. The only yaks visible were the two yellow Zest Two, two man kayaks. The church owns two Zest Twos, one is yellow and the other lime green. One of the yellow Zest Twos was owned by another member. As I watched the two yellow Zest Twos turned and headed in, I couldn't see any of the others. Still watching, the lime green came into view, and it was ahead of the yellow ones. So, I could see the yellow yaks, then the lime green (I was rather surprised, as I thought that lime green would be as visible as the yellow) the pink Scupper Pro was right close in visibility with the lime green, but the blue yaks (a light blue Swing, and a dark blue Yahoo) were just invisible for a long time, and I was looking for them too. (Having observed others, though never owning one, I would put the red just ahead of the blue in visibility on the ocean.) I learned from that. I'm the pastor, I'm the one responsible for those folks, and I care for them and certainly for my own family too. We no longer have any green or blue yaks. I value my precious folks, and definitely don't want anything adverse to happen to them. I'll go with visibility rather than style 100 percent of the time. By the way, I'm also a former Marine Gunnery Sergeant; I cared for my Marines back then too.
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