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Tarpon guide for Sarasota area

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Going to try Tarpon fishing for the first time while I'm visiting Dad at Longboat Key. I'm hoping someone knows of a decent charter in that area. We are flexible on when we go so I was wondering what would be the best time to do this. A buddy said I should wait until May. What do you guys think?
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If your going to try for Tarpon you should wait until Jun or July. You might want to try a guide who fishes the beaches of of Gasparilla. When I used to live in Sarasota I fished with a guide named Roy String. Roy was very good at fishing for tarpon off of the beaches. You should also give capt.. Rick Grasset a call I have heard nothing but great reports on him and I believe that he and roy are freinds.
Thanks for the reply. I'll take your advice and push the trip back. No sense in tageting a fish if the action won't be there yet. I'll find these guys. I hope they pay you a finders fee.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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