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We had a nice day off Freeport, TX yesterday, but man we had to work for it!

The day started out with us breaking the jetties to a much bumpier ride than we expected. The seas were 2-3' but very choppy. Instead of heading deep right away, we decided to hit a rig at 18 miles to let our spearfisher down and so the rest of us could have some fun with the kings.

We had steady action on small kingfish. Our diver reported big schools of mangrove snapper under the rig...they were deep and only right under the rig. He shot two and we tried unsuccessfully to lure them out of the rig with rod & reel. Our diver also rescued another boats rig hook...if you're going to tie off with a rig hook, don't hook it to a verticle leg!

Here's one of the kings:

We had hoped the seas would calm a little so we could head deep, but we saw no improvement so we decided to hit some bottom spots near German Charlies around 35-40 mi out. On the way, we saw a great color change just north of German Charlies where the water went from blue-green to deep blue. However there were no weed patches because of the choppy water.

We were pretty happy with the results. We worked harder than we would have at the deeper spots, but we still caught some very quality snapper. We caught a ton of small ones but also pick up some nice snaps around 31". We were happy to get the big snaps at that depth to finish off the day.

All in all, a great day on the water!

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