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Welcome Aboard Chad. :D

Hi Gang. fishin magician Jr and his sister Lana are the younsters of an ole fishin partner, Mr Ed. He is the one that gave me the handle of 'One Fish' about 100 yrs ago (because that is all we used to catch). Now, I catch 2 fish, maybe I should change my name.:rolleyes:

Chad - give a little history of the area you live, where you fish, type of fishin you like to do, etc. The more fishin info that you give/ask, the more the TF guys can give back to you.

Don't need any personal info (might mention how young you are). :))

Some years ago, we had a youngster about your age that started some serious fishin, with some of the 'experts' back then.

We called him 'Young Francis', Prince of the Pax, I believe.
Now he is just known as Francis, now an expert in his own right. :clap: :clap:

Also, had a nice youngster named Ricky that came aboard at a young age. He disappeared for a while, but has recently returned.:clap:

Never to young to talk about/go fishin.:D

Anyway, welcome to the board. Hope your sis is doing well. I'll call your dad.

PS - I have fished the ccnpp about 4 times and it has been slow. Trolled near there twice and caught about 4-6 fish each time.
See Ya. :D
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