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:clapping2:The crew of the Muff Diver would like to "thank you" for helping making our 2012 fishing season so successful. We had great fishing days, lots of tuna, marlin, dolphin, shark, sea bass but not to many wahoo - we did not fish much during the wahoo season this past year (mid-August thru October) but we hope to change that in 2013. As most of you all know, we do not fish a lot of tournaments but the ones we do we usually do fairly well. This past year we only fished in the Poor Girls open and came in 2nd place in the Marlin Division.

Looking forward to the 2013 season. We will again be docked at the White Marlin Marina on Somerset Street in downtown OC. I am planning on starting the season on Monday May 13th - right after Mother's Day. I want to remind everyone that is when the yellowfin tuna have started showing up in the past several years. It is also a great time to do an overnighter as the sharks are there and during the night they seem to be VERY HUNGRY !! Daytime Tuna - Nighttime Sharks !! Remember, we will be doing "Make Up" trips so call us with your available dates.

We will have the same team as last year. Wayne Bradford, Ryan Knapp, Ron Callis, Mike Abel and myself - Joe Riley. As you may or may not know, Captain Ron and Mike have other jobs and are able to substitute for me when I am not able to be there BUT there is some more good news in that Wayne will be getting his Captains License this winter. Wayne has been working with me since 2007 and it is about time.

Muff Diver is running a Special for 2013 and it goes like this - Book a trip in 2013 and have the deposit of $600 to me within 10 days after the booking and the your crew receives a FREE T-shirt. This great offer is valid until May 1st of 2013. Call Captain Joe @ 1-800-243-0342

Some Tournaments that we are available for in 2013, call me (Capt Joe) if interested in any of them, 1-800-243-0342. The dates are my best guesses but I feel that they are correct. We have 2 of the 3 days booked for the Poor Girls Open - Thursday & Friday - Saturday is still open.

17th Annual Mid-Atlantic Mako Mania - Bahia Marina - May 31 thru June 2nd - 2 days fishing
33rd Annual OC Shark Tournament - Fishing Ctr - June 13 thru 15th - 2 days fishing
26th Annual Tuna Tournament - Fishing Ctr - July 12 thru 14th - 2 days fishing
40th Annual White Marlin Open - Harbour Island Marina - August 5 thru 9th - 3 days fishing
20th Annual Poor Girls Open - Bahia Marina - August 15 thru 17th - 1 day fishing
22nd Annual Mid-Atlantic 500 - Sunset Marina - August 19 thru 23rd - 3 days fishing

Like last year, I will be helping Captain Ken Lahr (www.reeldraggintackle.com) of Reel Draggin Tackle displaying and selling his products. Muff Diver is one of his 2 local test boats and has been for the last 7 years. Ken sells fishing product all over the world and I feel rather lucky that he picked me to test his products - I would be using them anyway - I did before he asked me to do it for him. Ken is the other test boat - we compare notes to try to improve all products he offers. When you get the chance go to his web site and check out the show dates as well as what he sells. If you have any questions about his products please feel free to call me.

Enough already, have a great Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and New Year from the Crew of Muff Diver. Mates Wayne, Ryan, Captains Ron, Mike and Joe.
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