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Hi Guys, yea it's me, back from the dead! I've just completed the hardest three weeks of my life. I've been working on getting my CG Captains License. I went to the "Three B's School" and took the 3 weekend, 56 hour course and passed the exam yesterday afternoon.:eek: I feel like a 500 lb. weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
It was twice as hard because as luck would have it, I had to take my EMT recertification 12 hour course on Thurs.(5 - 9) and Friday (8 - 4). From there it was straight to Chesapeake College for Friday night 6 - 10 CG course then Sat and Sun from 8 - 5!!!! Some weekend, huh????:rolleyes:
Well, it's all over now and I can concentrate on doing all the govt forms and other requirements to finally get the license issued. I hope I can pass the drug test:D:D
See you all at the meeting and I do expect a snappy salute:cool:
CAPT. Charlie

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WOW thats alot to do in a short time!

Congrats CAPT!

Now you can go to your wife and say.. Got a little Captain in you? (Like the Capt Morgan commercial) When she says No. Respond with ... you want some? hah

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Congratulations Captain Charlie and good luck with the CG paperwork.

I told you it would be very hard but also very rewarding when completed.

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WTG! Charlie.:thumbup::clapping2::clap:
it is, indeed, a difficult class & schedule....but the rewards and feeling of accomplishment are worth it!:yes:
mine was similar with Mariner's School...makes for some looong weekends!
make sure you go over your paperwork a few times before submitting it...otherwise they kick it back and you start all over.
don't forget to ask about your TWIC (transportation workers ID credential)
you may need a separate appointment at your closest port to obtain it
here is a link for more info....


all credentialed mariners must have a valid TWIC to maintain their credentials.

good luck with your paperwork...give me a call or e-mail if you have any questions.
i'll save a snappy salute for you!!!!

Capt. Mark

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Captain Charlie , Captain Charlie , Captain Charlie ,Just trying to get used to it . It has a nice ring to it .

Quite an achievment pal , even if you had all the answers ha ha.

I'm proud of you . A guy your age remembering all that stuff .Fat chance that I could anymore .

Did you buy a Captains hat yet ?

Congrats Tony
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