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Weakfish too!

Mark, my daughter Devon, and I caught blues nearly non-stop for three hours from noon until 3PM. We were near the WW bridge reef. Not a lot of breakers, but we were able to find bait and suspended fish easily enough. Best of the bunch were about 3 lbs. We decided not to run out to 72 today because the fishing was so good close in, and it was Devon's first time fishing with me on the bay. The bonus today was when we got into some weakfish, all short except for the one keeper pictured. Most all the fish caught on stingsilvers though Mark and I did get a couple on topwater plugs. Tried livelining for rockfish very briefly at the light house before we quit, but really didn't give it enough time.

Sorry we didn't stop to get a picture for your web page! Daddy duty was calling Mark!

See you next weekend. I'll definitely be trolling hoses for those 7 pounders!


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