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well they say there are no white perch around but they continue to find the end of me and my sons line.the first pic he is holding up a 13.5 inch ******.

sweet trip with good comapny.we threw back about 30 catfish and 10 small white perch.two carp to the leader as my son decided he didnt want to boat them .1 grenel released by myself.And several small bream.redfin were also jumping on my sons line and we kept a few small ones that swallowed the hook.
here a pic of the grand total.

oh and the rockfish is one he caught saturday and forgot to take a pic of it so he wanted to add it to todays total.lots of fun with my son,but i am getting a notion for some ocean.hope to get my big boat together before the weeks out so we can chase charlie.
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