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My neighbor and I went out of Solomon's shortly after 7:00 Sunday. We wanted to come out of the mouth of the Pax and head south. The steady 3 footers with some 4 footers built in made it difficult. We headed due east to get the spread out, 1 wwb, 6 board lines and 5 boat rods on a 19' chriscraft cuddy. Saw absolutely nothing on the eastern shore except fish net corals. by 10:30 we made it back to the western shore and in about 50', fish in the box, fat 35" caught on a 6"white shad in tandem on bucktails. We stayed on the western side and it took 3 hrs for #2, on the same exact lure, in about 35', this one was very close to 40". Rubber bands kept on popping from the conditions and it was fun watching the Planer boards get airborn, we are very sore this morning. To finish the day we decided to troll back into the river when my buddy notice a crab pot in almost 50', I tried to thread the needle through my spread and I thought I made, when we noticed the wwb line was right on target to nail it.
All in all, it was a good day.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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