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I would like to thank all of those individuals who replied to my thread. I would first like to say that this was a personal experiment that i wanted to conduct to see how much of an emotional issue this menhadden issue is, and to see how people would react and see what tactics they would use to argue with or against me. For this reason, I had to use a few major FALSE facts to try to give the piece credibility so that people would think long and hard about the data, and so that they would not blow the piece off. I realize now after reading many of the replies that i should have never tried the response experiment, but I was extremely interested, and i wanted to conduct it on a public message board where the subjects were interested in fishing and knew the issue. The facts that were not true include: the citation of the piece, being a graduate student at VIMS, a "secret" chesapeake bay menhadden analysis, and some other minor items. I wanted to see how people would react and let them shine light on other issues, so that I could think and study outside of the box. I am extremely interested in the menhadden issue, but i am even more interested in the sociological issues. Thanks for all of the replies, and I sincerely hope that I did not offend anyone, for that certainly was not my intention.
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