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Fishing Report for Nov. 29, 2008 For Master Baiter's Sportfishing and Tackle.
Written by: Stan Gabruk.

The Roosters (fish) are Back, There's Something to Crow About!

For the last few months I've been scratching my head wondering where the Rooster fish had taken off to. When you own a fishing charter company like I do, there are always those fish that will save the day when for some reason nothing else will hit. By this I mean Rooster fish, Jack Crevells and others are always in the bay, in big numbers. Especially in summer. But that wasn't the case this year. Our insurance policy, or Rooster fish for some reason had disappeared from all the usual places during the time of year when they're out in the bay. But take heart amigos, they've returned! Anywhere from Sayulita to the Marietta Islands are alive with action on some nice sized Roosters of 25 to 40 lbs.

In the bay, in front of Yelapa, the Yellowfin Footballs have set up camp. Forty pound Skip Jacks are there for the taking and a four hour trip looks pretty good when there's action out there like that. Torros and of course Snappers are plentiful. I don't usually talk much about this part of the bay since so may tour ships have a tendency to eat the space up. There have even been Sailfish spotting here so you may have a chance at something unexpected out there. Definitely worth a try.

Marietta Islands, besides having Rooter Camp, is alive with Mahi Mahi, Sailfish and of course Jack Crevells. Bonito and Skip Jack Tuna are known to frequent this area, so if you're heading back in from El Banco and you'd like a little light tackle action, this is what the doctor ordered.

Corbetena has finally come to life with some Yellowfin Tuna. Now they're still in the 40 to 160 lb range, it just depends on what you come across. Plenty of Spinner Dolphin, which is always a good sign for picking up Skip Jacks and having some fast and furious action. For many, this is enough and boating thirty of these are perfect and not that much of a battle! If you're looking for the Monster Yellowfin Tuna, they're still out there, but you'll have to work for them. One thing for sure, if you're not running a kite, then forget about Monster Yellowfin Tuna. Balloons work well also, in fact I prefer the balloons. You don't have to constantly watch the kite and worry about the breeze, etc. There is plenty of bait in the water, but the Yellowfin have been gorging themselves with this Krill Squid, Whale food, and it's amazing they're taking bait… but they are. Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Pargo or Dog Tooth Snapper are there for the taking as well. For my fuel dollar, I prefer Corbetena with all the options it offers.

Now we all know they're bigger at El Banco! Black Marlin is running in the smaller range of 250 to just under 600 lbs, but they're there and on any given day you can hook into something bigger than your car. So never count El Banco out. For those with a bit of adventure in their sole, head out from the bank and you could get that Elusive Monster Yellowfin. Again, it's all about the kite….
For most of us it's a little surprising that this late in the Season (fishing) the Roosters would show up. But the more I'm in the business, the more I learn that the "rules" really never apply. Anything at anytime can happen in our World Famous Fishing Grounds. Right now with all the Krill Squid in the bay, the Whales seem to be returning early. Going out for the afternoon bite will produce fish, Whales and Sunsets. It's a great chance to get more bang for your buck on the bay.

The Big Fish will be here until Mid January and I suggest if you haven't had a chance to get out there and boat something amazing, you still have time. After Mid January the Black Marlin and Monster Yellowfin will be heading for points south. The fishing in Puerto Vallarta stays hot all year long. But there are those who will tell you the fishing is slow. This just means the average fish is under 100 lbs and those are still large fish.

Well, that's all for this week, until next time, don't forget to kiss your fish!

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