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Frank and his band of spinning dervishes want folks to believe that our troops in Iraq serve America gladly. Anything the commander in chief can do to save America is fine with them. The Republican party has the support of the troops.......OH YEAH?

There is, as is to be expected, a great deal of uproar over these new rules among Democrats, but there is also a certain amount coming from like Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN), who complained bitterly about how of Minnesota troops in Iraq has been handled in a blunt letter sent to Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

"I am extremely disappointed to hear that the President's decision to implement a troop surge in Baghdad will have a major, negative impact on the Minnesota National Guard," Coleman wrote in the letter. "These soldiers have made the ultimate commitment to serve our country and defend our freedom. They deserve better than to find out just two short months before their planned return that their tours will be extended for at least another 125 days. Most don't know when they'll be coming home at all, and none know what their extended mission will entail." Realist January 16,07.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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