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Yep! Starting at 4pm this afternoon the Forest Glenn High School football teams from 1984 thru 1987 are getting together for a little discussion about the good old Glory Days. The school was changed from a high school in 1988 to a middle school and was replaced by a new and bigger school, Lakeland High school here in Suffolk, Va.. Close to 30 years ago. I began being the football stadium announcer I guess in 1983 and did it up until the last game played there in 1987. Boys didn't forget to invite old Acey to the get together and even though I'll probably show up, eat and get back home by 6pm I'm looking forward to seeing them again. I think Coach Lockhart now lives in Richmond, Va. and they are bring him back in town for the get together. Got to tell you all one
"boring story tell". One big rival in football was Franklin High School. Forest Glen HS was playing Franklin HS at Ranger Stadium for the last time in the school history. As usual while the teams were out on the field doing their warm ups 45 minutes before game time, old Acey would go up in the booth, set up my tape player and start playing songs over the intercom system. I'd then get my roster and go down on the field and get either the defensive or offensive starting line up off the visiting head coach; then go over to coach Lockhart and get his starting line up. As I approached the Franklin Head coach he was surrounded by his assistance coaches. I introduced myself and told him why I was there. Before he could speak one of the Assistance coaches stepped forward and said; "I would like to shake your hand Mr. C------. I've been to several of Forest Glen football games, here at Ranger stadium scouting your team or the team you were playing, and there is no doubt that you are the best Stadium announcer that I've ever heard call a game." Now that made me feel pretty good. One thing I began doing early in my time doing the announcing. How many of you remember the song; "Eye of the Tiger". You all know the big, heavy lead in to the song before the singer begins singing. I would begin playing the lead in, usually after the teams broke from the sidelines and just as they arrived at the 40 yard line for the opening kick off. Better then 9 out of 10 times the team kicking the ball would kick it just before the singing began. I'd turn the music off just as the ball was kicked. Oh, before any of you ask, the Principal of the High School would appoint who was to be the stadium announcer. When Forest Glen entered into the new big school, those students from old Suffolk High also attended the new school. The Forest Glen Principal retired and the Suffolk High Principal got the new school and he appointed the stadium announcer who had been doing the Suffolk High games for years. Oh, did I tell you; he stunk at it. :hysterical: :hysterical::pp :hysterical: :hysterical:

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