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Last weekend, I officially threw in the towel. I winterized "Unfinished Business" over the weekend on a Saturday which featured 20 knot winds and a high in the high 30's or low 40's. :eek: The bay was 15 degrees warmer than the air. I got lucky and found a faucet still running to give the engine a final flush, but I read an account here of someone cleaning big fish with numb fingers and with the water at the cleaning station cut off. I talked with the guy running the marina yard, and got a really cherry storage spot away from leaves and with pretty easy access. :thumbup: At worst, they'll have to move 2 boats to get to me in March. I did not cover the boat yet due to the high winds.

The slightly colder than usual temperatures did not help matters any. Add in the fact that I've been fighting a funk in my chest :ibeillin:, and it pretty much toasted the rest of the season. Too bad, considering all the reports of 30-40+ inch rock being taken at 78 and 78A, which is the same spot that we took a 46 incher last spring. :rockingman2:

An otherwise great fishing season is now a prematurely (in my opinion) over due to generally inclement weather. :(( I was holding out for a nice weekend, but it just wasn't in the cards. Right now I'm looking out my window at a clear blue sky but the mostly leafless trees swaying in a steady wind. A 40 inch rockfish isn't worth triggering pneumonia over; better to get healthy to fish another day.

I now look forward to March and April, starting out with a couple shots at some lower Potomac trophy blue cats which will be gorging themselves on bait in a pre spawn pattern, followed by a couple shots at pre season C&R rock, and then the spring trophy season. I can't wait for spring!!

To everyone else still braving the elements: :goodluck2:
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