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Thurs and Friday warm enouph to melt it?

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I don't have any experience with how fast the ice melts on the bay so I am hoping a few of you can let me know. I noticed the east shore of the bay has considerably more ice than the west shore. This I guess is because of the wind? I would like to hunt on Kent Island east side (West shore, Shipping Creek, Cox Creek). I was there last sat and there was ice about 150 feet out. Will temps in upper 30s and mid forties on Friday melt some of this, any of it? Does the ice melt on the bay at a lower temp (below 32) because of the salt water? Any of you live on Kent Island that can give me an update Friday afternoon so I can determine if I want to make the drive down there? Thanks.
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Daytime high of 50 on Friday but I don't think one day will make much difference, temps will still be below freezing thru the night. Ice is pretty thick. We are locked out from hunting water, will be hitting the field. We actually had some ducks come in on us last Friday while hunting geese in the field.
Wind and tides break up the ice more than the warm temps. That's what you need to wish for.
I went out yest afternoon and there was still significant ice. Yes wind and tide will do it cuz the cold temps at night just freeze it up again.
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