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Decision was made to run south on thursday from Annapolis to #78.
knowing the forecast was iffy we head south at 730 am.

Good to have one of these on the front of your center console:thumbup:

Got the lines in about 9AM after a sporty ride south,, still nice and dry.
Ran 6 rods. 2 longrigger, 2 short and i have flatline clips on the stern for my deep lines. Had about 400 feet wwwwb on one side and about 250 the other side and was very tough trolling because of all the wind, ended up tangled up a few times.

Saw some feller TFers Doggie daddy, they we dragin baits right near us , nice chatting,,

We tried shallow depths and deep without a nibble,,,
Ended up inside 78A in about 37-38 feet when we got our one and only Rock , 30 inches. she hit on the longrigger green parachute 9 inch and a 6 inch green swimbait tandem wwb.

Rob and his fish!

There were a couple boats trollin around the marks but we could hook up again and started to troll noth along 30-40 feet deep to make our way north.
Up past breezy and still nothin, think i saw Skip, tried to hail him,,, wasnt sure if he needed an escort to the dock ,, It was kinda rough to be out in a Grady White.:eek2:
Pulled the lines at 3 pm after all the boats where gone,, we wanted more fish,, got about 6 miles south of th SR bouy off TPL when we found some birds and jigged up a fat 24 that went on the ice,, had some more shorts and nightfall was coming so back to the dock by 5pm.

Cant wait to do it all over again!!!

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Hey Bill,

what kind/size/motor of boat is that you have?? looks like a great setup and easy to see on the water.

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Nice offer to break down the waves for me but then I would have had to slow down :D.

Let me know when you want a set of boards - they really are the ticket right now.

Sweet looking 30 incher :yes:.
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