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I know this is inappropriate, but thought the Fly-fishermen would be less likely to check the classifieds, and the adds are broken up. There is no dedicated fly-fishing section in the classifieds

the adds are in the classifieds now, with an Email addy for contacting me.

Tibor Riptide QC: $450. (sells from 650-720, was bought for 680) 4-5 times, on boat ten times left in case. holds 300yds gellspun w/90yds of 600 grain sinker.

Orvis 14 wt: $250. Used twice. three piece, has case.

the rod/reel are well balanced.

Both as a package for $600

I will, of course give the standard 3% to brandon if either sells here, and expect a moderator to remove this post, but I didnt want to see the adds sit in the classifieds for a month while no one here knew about them. Sorry to ruffle any feathers for posting the thread here.

Edit: Rod is 8 foot 6 inches, TLS power matrix, with a second fore grip for leverage, and a gimbal attachment under a removable cap. heavy guides top to bottom.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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