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Happy Holidays from Alltackle.com!

We are now offering special discounts to Tidalfish members with at least 150 Forum Posts.

Here is the deal:

This Saturday and Sunday, any Tidalfishers in the Annapolis or Ocean City stores will receive the following special cash discounts on stocked items:

Reels 12%
Rods 20%
Tackle 20%
Outriggers 12%
Clothing 20%
Sunglasses 20%
Marine Supplies 15%
Batteries 10%
Coolers 10%
Braid Belts 5%

Non-stocked Special Orders will get at least a 10% discount.

Exceptions include our Tackle Packages, Pre-Discounted Combos, and Electronics.

You have to be physically in the store this Saturday or Sunday.

This offer ends November 25th.
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