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If your a avid reader of this report I do each month, you'll know I have been waiting for this time of year for a long time.

What time is that? 60 plus degree water! That's what.

There's two transitional times of year. Around Thanksgiving, we start to slip into full blown winter. And then around Easter we slip into spring and some years almost into summer.

Life at the big Mayport inlet seems to be waiting in suspension, then as soon as 60+degree water comes, all hell breaks loose.

Of course, this "Float-Freak" is still hooked on drifting a live shrimp behind the boat for the Speckly Trouts. But as of the first week of April the BIG DADDY Black Drum finally showed up, catches to 70 pounds were immediately reported. Personally, I can't wait to get on some of them big dogs, soon. They seem to bite along the rocks during the slack tide times. Either the high or the low.

The Sheepshead, are in full spawn mode. "Out on the sand" is where you can find them also. Pelican, my co-host on ALL ABOUT FISHING, took his wife out and float rig fished and caught ten striped convicts in 15 feet of water out far from the rocks. On live shrimp. And let me tell ya, catching ten quality sheeps on a float rig is a lot more fun that dangling a fiddler over the side of the boat!

We've been catching some small Bluefish. Yes, Bluefish.
What does this signify? It's almost time to start hunting those Trophy Redfish again. Trophies meaning, high teens to 30 pounds+.

Next up is the small Jacks and Spanish Mackeral. then as these species get bigger, the weather gets warmer, it's all out GO TIME FOLKS!

In the last few trips, I've noticed the Redfish along the rocks are getting bigger, and showing up in areas that they were almost completely absent 2 weeks ago.

Here's yer sign!

I'm actually back into flip-flops full time.......That's a sign, right there.
Believe me, I *****ed when I had to come out of them, cause my feet were getting cold. So I'm one happy Cappy!

Things have been slow getting going. And to be honest, I think we are behind last year, when it comes to water temp. Big Black Drum, and little Bluefish arriving at the inlet.

I had a great trip with an ole client, a few days ago. Al Guzzino and his cousin Ken. These guys have fished with me for years. Then Al moved to Atlanta because of his job. But he's back in Jax now. So over Easter I took them out to do some "float-rigging". We started out along the inlet, picking a few here and there. A few Redfish, a Sheepshead, one Speckled Trout, 4-Yellowmouth Trout. All the while I was waiting for the incoming tide to really kick the spot off, big time! Green clean water. It finally came, and I got the guys ready and followed suit. We fished hard all the way till the tide came up on the jetties. And caught damn near nothing.

"Dang, this is what I was waiting on fella's", I told them. But I couldn't stand it an minute longer, it was time to change zip codes. So we took off down river, ran around a bend and jumped the boat over a hill to a new spot. I had to move fast cause time was of the essence. And my god was the fat Speckled Trout there! Al and Ken wore out 2-3 pounders on almost every single drift of a fresh live shrimp. The fish box was looking real good as we packed it full of our limit of tasty Trout, for Al's family fish fry. Not to mention the other inhabitants we had chillin' out.

The fun ended way too soon, Al and Ken used all the shrimp in the well, and it was time to go back and fillet the pile.

They both told me, "Dave, ya did it again. Ya' pulled it out and we slayed 'em." I said, "I know you fella's are spoiled, cause we always have great days together."

I can honestly say, ATTITUDE means alot when your on my boat, or any charter boat for that means. Al and Ken, never quit. They fish hard for the whole time we're out.
They are the anglers. And I'm doing what I feel is best.
It's team work.

ALL ABOUT FISHING - "back with a vengence"

We started back up "ALL ABOUT FISHING" with Capt. Dave and Pelican after a 6 week lay-off, cause we moved the radio show to a new station, ESPN 1460am.
Join us Saturdays 8-10am, we want your reports!
It's an in your face fishing show, that can be listened to 24 hrs a day, any day on my radio show page also, at:
And please visit our loyal sponsors. We reccomend them, highly cause myself and Pelican do business with them.They're the ones that keep us coming to you every Saturday morning.

Till next tide....

Capt. Dave Sipler
Mayport, Florida Jetties
AKA: Home of the Whopper
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