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I couldn't get the link to load, so I went to the safmc site and did a search. I didn't see anything I didn't already know. It looks to me like the bluelines are pretty much unregulated for recreational anglers (except by some states...such as NC regs), but there are some federal golden tile rec regs which don't affect most of us anyway since I think they are north of VA/NC. What am I missing? Thanks.

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NC and south you are limited to 1 golden tile 2 snowys/gag groupers combined or 5 bluelilne tiles in your 5 grouper bag limit. VA north falls under different regs!

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Recreational Retention Limits
(See regulations table below)
Five (5) groupers per person include:
*Black, *Gag, Misty, Red, Scamp, ***Snowy, **Speckled Hind, Tiger, **Warsaw, Yellowedge, Yellowfin, Yellowmouth
Groupers, and also includes Blueline Tilefish, ***Golden Tilefish, Sand Tilefish, Coney, Graysby, Red & Rock Hind.
Goliath Grouper - Closed to harvest or possession
Nassau Grouper - Closed to harvest or possession
Wreckfish - Only ITQ shareholders or their designees may harvest or possess wreckfish
Ten (10) snappers, excluding vermilion, per person with the following
Maximum of 2 red snapper
Maximum of 2 cubera per person for fish 30” TL or larger off Florida. These are not included in the 10
snapper bag limit. Cubera less than 30” TL are included in the 10 fish bag limit
In addition, fishermen may retain:
One amberjack per person per day, (in April, limit 1 per person/day or 1 per vessel/trip, whichever is more restrictive)
A limit of 15 black sea bass per person per day New!
5 hogfish per person per day, off the coast of East Florida
3 red porgy per person per day or 3 per trip, whichever is more restrictive New!
10 vermillion snapper per person per day
Other snapper-grouper complex species:
There is an aggregate bag limit of 20 fish per person inclusive of all fish in the snapper-grouper management unit currently not under bag limit, excluding tomates and bluerunners. This means you may catch your bag limits and in addition retain up to 20 other fish for which there is no bag limit.
* No more than 2 may be gag or black grouper, individually or in combination
** 1 per vessel per trip. May not be sold or traded; no transfer at sea
*** No more than 1 fish may be snowy grouper New!
*** No more that 1 fish may be golden tilefish New!
Note: All species in the Snapper/Grouper management unit must be maintained with heads and fins intact. (Cobia, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, dolphin, and wahoo must be landed with heads and fins intact.) Goliath and Nassau grouper must be released by cutting the line and not removing the fish from the water.
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