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Bigger Flounder prefer cooloer waters then you will find in the shallows this time of year.That said- some 5yr will get a 7lber off Grandpop's dock at noon on 4th of July in 2 feet of water :D.

Not sure if you get the Fisherman magazine- they have some good stories on catching Flounder.

Flounder feed mostly by sight- so cleaner water is your friend.Sunny days help also.Incoming water most times will be better then outgoing-all things equal.Just north of the Rt. 50 bridge on the west side- there are some marsh banks.Look for deeper (5-8') holes close to the banks.Most boats can not get in this area.

The size limit for Flounder is high - I would try using a white bucktail and squid/minnow on it to try and avoid catching short ones.Some guys will report catching 40-50 Flounder but only one keeper using small baits.A 1 oz head with a 5'' BA will work and hook most Flounder in the jaw.

If you can catch small 2-3'' Spot- they are great for keeper Flounder :thumbup:.Flounder prefer a bait that is moving so drifting or casting/reeling in work best.

Be sure to stop in at Oyster Bay tackle shop.See if Sue Foster is there, she can help you out.If not- try the other local shops but search out someone who knows Flounder.Some of the summer help don't fish much.

Expect lots of boat wakes/jet skis/etc this time of year.Getting out early will help.

The best spot IMHO-is the south side of the south jetty.This is the ocean and will go from rocks to 25 feet in a long slope.Cooler/clean water plus current mean bigger Flounder :yes:.
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