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I've never targeted flounder before but will be down Ocean City MD the week after July 4th and hope to fish from my kayak in the back bays hoping to catch some flounder and anything else that is lurking around back there. I picked up 2 floundr rigs from the tackle shop to get me started. I realize you need to fish the bottom, but what bait/lures/methods works best? Minnows, white fish bellies, squid, bloodworms, fishbites? Any type lures that work better than others? Does jigging work? I guess moving tides are best, as per usual.

Also wanted suggestions as to where to launch a kayak near the 50 bridge. It was suggested on the kayak fishing site to try at the end of Old Bridge Road/Stinky beach. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. :confused:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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