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That time of the year, it's can be very tough fishing.....especially from a 'yak. Skip is right, the bigger fish will move out into deeper water and eventually into the ocean.

Clean, clear water is always a key factor in catching numbers of flounder. Catching keeper flounder is a totally different story now that they have jacked up the size limit.

Lures - i have caught them on jighead/twister tail combos. I have tried my hardest to catch one on a BA, but have yet to be successful. I did actually have a hookup last year on a pink 5" BA but i lost him at the boat. The proven squid/minnow combo is always a favorite. Bluefish and croaker belly strips will get it done as well. Sometimes shiners are the ticket and other times smelt will out catch everything.

Rigs - i have tried every gimmick rig out there. I usually end up with a bare hook on about a 28 inch leader with the sinker at the top. Other than that, my favorite are the sea striker squid rigs in pink, chart, and white.

Look to be fishing in deeper water. Places like the thorofare, the east channel, the main channel by the coast guard station, and the inlet. Moving tide is a must and if you can get out to the jetty's, i would certainly try there.

The biggest downfall to OC in the summer is the tourists. Having 10000 boats in the bay running around at full speed, half of them running aground........it all plays a part. If that's not going on then you have jet skis and jet ski tours going on as well.

Get out as early as possible, especially if the tide cooperates.

Sue at Oyster Bay and even the guys over at All Tackle can give you some insight, and some great charts for the area.

Catching keepers is tough, but it's usually not terribly hard to catch a mess of small flatties.

Good luck

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