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First of all let me thank all of our sponsors, including Brandon here at Tidalfish. I would also like to thank Chad Hoover for helping me put everything in place. I also would like to thank all the kayak anglers who braved wind and torential downpours to support our sport and to support the Hurricane victims.

Now for the details, 39 anglers participated, 27 anglers photographed fish for points.

The grand Slam Category was won by Kevin Kennedy, he caught Red Drum, Spotted Trout, Flounder and Striped Bass with a total of 60.5 inches. The conventional slam division was won by Asley Williams from Wilmington, NC. Ashley caugh a red, flounder, and a speck with a total of 46.25 inches. The flyfishing slam division was won by Jay Kocan from Virginia Beach, Jay scored 40.5 points with a wildcard slam with flounder, speck, and a striper.

The conventional species division winners were:
Striped Bass....Jay Beeler....24 in.
Spotted Trout..Ron Rucker and Darrell Hollifield....20 in.
Red Drum.....Chris Ellingson....23.5 in.
Flounder...Tom Powers...21 in.

The flyfish species division winners were.
Flounder...Chad Hoover...16.5 in.
Spotted Trout...Eric Brantsec..19 in.
Red Drum....none

Here is some interesting data that i got from the tournament.
Number of fish caught, photogrephed, and released:
8 red drum 15- 23.5 in.
15 flounder 12- 21 in.
16 stripers 14 - 24 in.
46 spotted trout 10.5 - 20 in.

There were 32 sit on top kayaks and 6 sit in kayaks used in the tournament. There were 37 male anglers and one female.

The most popular kayak was the tarpon 140, 10 t140s showed up for the tourney. There was a total of 20 wilderness system kayaks used in the tournament.

Again I would like to thank everyone, and look foward to nexts years tournament.


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I wondered if you guys were going to fish in that stuff. There is a growing interest in kayak fishing in our club, the PSWSFA. The guys that are getting into it are very enthusiastic and there are a lot of people interested to hear your talk in November. We are really looking forward to it. Ken

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[Q]Rick C. originally wrote:
$ 3.00 a gallon has to be helping the interest level also. A box of Wheaties hasn't gone up that much.
I don't really think that is the case. If any one of the guys who have the kayaks in our club wanted to take their boats out to fish, I'm thinking that $3/gallon is not a real deterrent. Now maybe $5 to $6 per gallon might slow them down a bit.[wink]

I got my kayak so I can fish the 'skinny' water. I considered a J12 or J14 Carolina Skiff until I was offered the chance to paddle a Tarpon 140 into Poquoson Flats. Then I decided this might be something to look into so I did and I got hooked........... Also, got my first citation fish this weekend in a 20 kt wind on the HRBT.

One of our kayakers wants me to go with him to the Stream in his Grady with his T140 and put in at a weed line and fish for dolphin. I'd go with him, but he's welcome to get in the water and fish all he wants. I'll take pictures............... me and jaws got a deal.......... I stay out of his house.[excited]
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