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Lots of geese and ducks in the cove this morning!

Herons were up in the osprey poles…

The strategy was to get out of the wind so we ran across to San Jorge. Bumped north across the Patomak and eventually spotted about 50 terns working the area just inside Jimmy Island. Got upwind of them hoping to drop in on some striped perch but as we drifted into the mess about 100 loons popped up and swam off – apparently the flying birds and the swimming birds had some bait cornered and we messed it up. No fish – just bait.

Ran further up San Jorge… To our great spot a few weeks ago… Terns were around but mostly lounging on the piers. Scared up an 11” striped perch on a .25/BA. Popped through the inlet and headed straight back over over to Sandy Pt.

Came across 30+ gannets sitting over the 65’ trench (300 yards down from the Sturgeon bouys). Did a few loops around looking for whatever had the gannets attention – nothing.

Ran back into the Yeo and drifted by the rip rapp off of Lynch – Three bald eagles hanging in the trees teaching a 4th jr. how to do what ever they do.

Packed it up and headed home – Sushi for dinner…
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