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Had fun day Monday with the togs and stripers.

Could not find any fiddlers or hard crabs to buy, not that I looked too hard. Tried two places coming up the creek. Good thing I had 5mm suit, gun, mask, and snorkel.

Started about 5 or so pillings past the 4th island. Togs on every pilling, but the vis was not great. They were schooled up pretty good down deep, but it was dirty down there. Saw some really big fish...briefly. By the time I got a look and thought about shooting, they were gone. What should have taken 30 minutes took about two hours, but ended up with a limit of fish all over 5lbs up to around 8. Not sure if I'm going to get back before it gets too cold, but I hope so.

Played with the stripers at sunset on top water plugs at the third. A total blast. Most were dinks, but did get one in the slot that looked a little sick.
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