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Had hi hopes of catching tuesday but my mojo was not working.

Should of known when it was extremely hard to set lines and, losing my tilghman island trolling valve asap that it would be a tough day.

Its never easy when you have a green ho aboard,,,

Started the troll around the fleet near ebay,, talked to Reeltor, not much goin on so we left the fleet to go south, had nice bait and some smallish rock on the meter but all my baits were big and just not producing, had another bucket on board,Rob, (green Ho) tied the 2nd bucket on the cleat, to slow my troll to about 3knt, had lines popping outta the pins but they were not set tight enough to hold the lead,, this took awhile to get right.

Heard of some action from Goinfishen to the south and pulled up to go down and proceeded to get all snagged up oin 25 feet of water,, kinda a snowball effect,,,, bagged the trollin and tried to jig,, well after awhile we just hung it up,, headed north tail tween my legs,, bud in my hand,, saw a few boats jiggin at TP dropped in and caught a couple nice 20ish rock on stingsilvers,, just cut the fish open and a little LY fell out his neck.. hmmmmm.

anyhoo, gonna do it all over again thursday or friday hope my HO does abetter job or i will be chummin ,, see i cant admit fault!!???:pp

Nice talkin to you paul and taylor,,

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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