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Bucktail Bob and I have been talking about hooking up for some triggerfish action. Today we got out in my boat from O.C. We headed to some wrecks we knew about. We spent considerable time cruising around trying to find the wrecks and then anchored up. Started catching seabass immediately of all sizes 5" to 14" Kept only a few of the 13 & 14"ers. Could have limited out on 12"thru 13" seabass if we wanted to. We hooked some triggers mixed in w/ the bass. Sometime the triggers would follow the bass up. We could see them down there but had a hard time getting them to bite. Anybody who thinks sight fishing is easy, should try it. All of a sudden some spadefish followed up some seabass. It was tough getting them to bite as they don't have teeth and don't appear to like sand fleas. Their favorite food is jellyfish. We had some clam & squid onboard and eventually hooked them up. This was BB's and my first spadefish! We each caught two. They are some fighters. Blowfish were plentyful also.

Bait used: Clams, squid, sand fleas, green crabs, Crab flavored FishBites(so-so on seabass only) and Peanut Mullet.
Water temp. was 75 deg. Used #4 long shank hooks.
In the box was: 14 triggerfish, 4 spadefish, 6 seabass, 2 nice porgies, 18 blowfish. Also caught but didn't keep numerous bluefish.

It was one BEAUTIFUL day on the water! Great company to fish with! Calm seas! And PLENTY of fish! On the way home Bob delineated some of the things we learned today: We joked that one had to catch 50 seabass for every trigger fish!

Man, this is what retirement is supposed to be!!!!!!!!! GREAT hooking up with you Bob!
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