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I have a Minn Kota Ripe Tide, 36 volt 101 lbs thrust with 54” shaft on a 22’ cc bay boat. Use it trolling for specs & flounder, holding close to structure at the CBBT and shallow water casting. Onboard battery charger with multiple batteries is great to have.

Wish I had the 60” shaft because on choppy days in the bay the prop will lift out of the water. I like the 3 battery setup because I can run the motor constantly for 8-10 hours depending on setting. Didn’t get the auto pilot or remote steering because of problems with both in the past. If trolling, you can steer the boat by using the main engine as a tiller. The boat will run 3.7 mph against a good tide & wind with the motor set on max, 10. For trolling, depending on the fish, it’s usually set on 3-7 and will go all day. Casting the shallows and using the motor sporadically I can fish 2 days before charging.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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