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I hunt all the time, bow, blackpowder and firearm. I have three hunting with me. My wife, her father and a friend. WE hunt 112 acres in Caroline county and have a mix of hardwoods and fields.

Now we have a rule 8 point and better and outside the ears. That also means that you can pop does as you see fit, but the pictures I'm getting off my cameras keep them 2nd guessing about lighting up the woods. We have 18 or so different bucks running around, 4 are shooters not counting the monster the farmer killed.

Now as far as the trophy hunting its something we choose to do. I pay for the crops to be put in our fields and really don't care what happens to them - they are for the deer. Since opening day we have taken only 3 deer all anterless - but because we have kept our woods quiet, the surrounding farms have pushed even more deer and more bucks to our "peaceful" woods. So keep popping all you can, if your near my farm hopefully your push some more our way. Maybe a wall hanger or two.
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