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Trouble with Spectra Breaking?

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I switched from mono to 50lb test Spectra this year and have been having trouble with it breaking. Lost my second fish yesterday due to this and have lost some tackle as well. My rods have roller tips and I was wondering if the line is getting pinched because it is so much thinner than the mono. These breaks are not at the terminal tackle so I know my knots are holding. Anyone else had problems with this line? Should I go back to 40lb mono or step up to 80 or 100 lb Spectra?
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Thanks for the info -- I'm having this happen on multiple rods all with roller tips. On one type of rod tip it looks like the spectra can get between the roller and the pin and pinch the line. On the others I found a few sharp edges that when being pulled off the planers may put them at enough of an angle to rub the line. I think if I step up to 80 lb and smooth the edges of the tip a bit that may solve the problem. Thanks Again!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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