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Trying to Diagnose Problem With a Garmin Fish Finder Need Some Help

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I have a Garmin 178C Sounder, and I'm having a problem with it cutting off. I've narrowed it down to when I reach behind and press on the power/data cable where it connects to the unit to the left or right, the unit will cut off.

While I was looking at the pin configuration on the back of the unit where the cord plugs into the back of the unit I noticed that one of the pins is about 3 millimeters lower than all of the rest of the pins. I was wondering if this could be my problem, maybe that pin got pushed in somehow, has anyone else seen a similar pin configuration on their unit?

Any suggestion on whether I should just fork up the $30 plus dollars for the new cord or try sending the unit back for diagnosis (which I'm sure is gonna cost me)?

Thanks, Dave
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try gettting hold of the pin and see if it will pull back up gently i worked on aircraft for a leaving and we had this problem a lot if not take it to a electronic shop for boats they should have a pin installer and be able reposition the pin for you
If you can't find someone with a pin tool try using a roll pin with an ID diameter roughly the same size as the OD of the bent pin. I've used this method successfully in the field quite a few times.

If the pin has been pushed, back into the connector housing you can usually pull them back into position using a pair of needle nose pliers. A drop of super glue will hold the pin in position if need be.
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