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this was @ the end of another thread. figured i'd post it for him.

Late post here. Planned to head out Monday, tried to filet my thumb with a knife while getting the boat ready, (7 stiches), still planned to head out 4 hours after I got home from the hospital, woke up with the flu....so......we headed out Tuesday around 1500 from Fort Monroe, beautiful ride. Started on the oceanside and drifted with many others, no takers. After dark anchored at the HR with many others, lost the hook at around 2030 when the tide was starting to shift. Decided to move back to the oceanside after the curve, hooked up soon after the tide started to rip about 6 cranks off the bottom. Only one with a float. Nothing huge, took 3 fish home between 36-39". Had my neighbor aboard, not used to free spooling with the clicker, lost several, boated 5, good night on the water, my daughter got a 3 hour nap down in the cabin. Rode back at midnight as the blow started, not quite as nice as the ride out, lol.

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