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Launched from Sandy Point 5/2 a little later than normal because we sat and ate Breakfast instead of getting it to go (tired of eating my Sausage Egg McMuffin cold every fishing trip). Got on the water 7 ish and headed to Thomas Point but did not stop until we were a bit south of the point. Put out a 12 rod spread and headed east toward BP. First strike came on a Purple/pink lips, Big eyes Pacman/white 4oz of the 4-6oz tandem at 0840, 4 bars back in 50' of water, Water temp 53. Youngest son from CGC Aspen out of YBI in San Francisco got the honor to reel in the feisty 34". Combed out and reset with one male in the box. I gut them and put Ice inside the belly to quickly cool them.

Second fish a FAT 25" short came at 1015 on a Chartreuse 4 spreader with an all chartreuse tsunami 9" shade from Alltackle 4.5 bars back. This one came while in 70' of water slightly west of the Hill. Water temp was now 58. It hit while my oldest son was sliding the lure down into position on the board. A quick release and we continued on resetting the side after the slime cleaning.

Three hours and nothing, except JELLY! cleaning every ~20 min or so combing out each chute to insure they look their best. Finally 1330 the #5 board rod POPS with a white 8 spreader with a 2oz round headed purple/pink chute on it.. Wife grabs the rod but says she does not feel anything but the line is not moving to center between the girls (My twin Honda 250s), so I know something is up, could be caught by one of the other lines or we could have snagged a bait fish (like last week that fouled four lines :censored:). She then feels a head shake and says I do not think its fouled. SWEET! The water temp had reached 59 in 55' of water. A quick measurement and 31" Second fish quickly gutted and put on ice. Surprised it also was a male. Chutes combed and reset.

Continue to clean slime and reset every ~20 minutes. About 10 min after a cleaning at 1415 the water had warmed up nicely to 60 just north of buoy 83 in 80' of water. The #6 white spire 6-9oz board rod pops and takes some drag, oldest son grabs the rod and cusses the Shimano GT 200 (Older Salmon reels from Alaska) because the drag will not tighten up enough, he says he wishes he was reeling in the Penn 975 LD instead, BO HO I tell him along with he can buy the next Penn 975 with his money to replace the poor Shimano that is 15 years old. Finally after a few min we see some color, hoping for a citation. Fish quickly lipped and measured but she is a fat slot 38 1/2", quick photo and back she goes. Trolled for another two hours cleaning and combing regularly but nada.

You now have all the info I have in my log. If you do not get anything from this know that most hits came shortly after a cleaning, so tight lines, fair winds and following seas.

Next time out I'm on first fish, so I'm looking forward to it, but probably will not be until the 16th. See you then!

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USCG CWO4 "Retired"
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