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Got off work around 1 pm on Friday and debated a quick trip. Winds looked up a little but gave it a shot. Headed to some near shore ocean wrecks and set up shop. Ended up with 4 tog limit and 11 codfish. This year has been unreal for cod.

Today (Saturday) headed out at 5:30 am to tog figuring the CBBT would be crowded being the last day of the season. Stiff north wind and chopy ride across the bay. Got to the 3rd and it was not to bad out of the wind. Jumped around a little before I found them. Went thru 3 dozen fiddlers in short order. Kept the 4 biggest tog to around 6 lbs and threw a bunch back before running out of bait. Back in Lynnhaven by 9 am and glad I was because the wind really picked up.

Trying some drum'in tomorrow.

No pics, solo trip.

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