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this bow season so far has been slow for me . I have had deer in front of me on every outing , just not what I was looking for to stick .

I have been hunting an oak grove about 300yds from standing beans . the oaks are between the bedding areas and the beans , and the deer will feed on the acorns early afternoon on the way to the beans .

yesterday I went to the stand about 3:30 and jumped a deer just about 50yds from the stand muttered a few choice words and went to stand anyway . got setteled in and started to look around for activity . I see a deer feeding towards me and it stays about 30yds out with a couple of hollys between us . deer is there about 20 mins and then beds down in front of me . @##$ can't move a lick , I stay like this for 30 mins then sucker gets up and moves away feeding . I take a sip of water and strech .

I see another deer moving towards me , its a doe and I make up my mind to stick this one . I shoot and deer drops in its tracks about 20 yds out . it is on its side with about most of the arrow sticking out . wait for it to pass away check the time and its 5:15 , think to self heck its early I' ll just hang out for awhile . about 5:45 I see another bigger doe coming close feeding , let her get about 15 yds out and let the pointy stick fly . hit her square and she goes about 50 yds and I hear her crash and fall .

climb down and go to find deer , its a buck with the horns broken off at the hairline . get cart from truck and now the work starts . weigh the buck at clubhouse and he is 150 lbs not bad for a fake doe .

now I'm going to get selective for the next few weeks . starting to horn hunt a little before the first week of black powder . I did have a good scrape line near my stand that was not there last week , will have to keep a eye on it to see if a big boy is tending it and not the no horned wonder I shot .
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