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After all the questions on what to target and when to fish and what to fish for.I decided to start a thread that everyone can add to....There are some expeienced people who are on this board and don't post very much.I know alot of you.Please add some good sound advice to this thread....I will begin with water temps and time of year.......

As stated in previous threads every fish has a preferred salinty,water temp,depth,moon phase etc. etc.

water temp is very important.When the wind blows out the sothwest hot water is blown off the top or surface of the water column.This creates an upwelling if you will....The warm water goes out to sea and the cold water is pulled inshore,nearshore,or on shore depending on how long and how hard it blows.Then the tide goes in our out either pulling the cold water into the inlets or pushing it outside the inlet.Hmmm lets see if the water is warmer in the sound and the tide goes out then the water temp in the sound is pulled to the inlet which is great if you are hoping for a warmer water related species, but it can also pull alot of cold water from the ocean inside the inlet.As you can see the beginning and end of each tide cycle may and does most of the time create a temp. break.Fish are always attracted to temp breaks.First the small algae,then then the glass minows on up the chain until you have predator fish there.Ok so we have temp creating a hallway so to speek congregating bait and predators.Hard sothwest also creates a ruffed up sound changing the color of the water..Bottom feeders like spot,croaker,sea mullet,blow toads, drum,etc, etc like muddy water because its like a big camouflage net.They can poke their heads out into the ocean and move north in the cooler dirtier water without fear of their predators and move to the next inlet...

Having said all that does that mean i am going to catch those fish on a sothwest wind.No it depends on the temp,time of year and tide.All fish move through the inlets along a preferred water temp.It maybe that the whole inlet is perfect for living conditions so you may have to see if they are in 3 feet to 60 feet of water.Ask your self why that current is boiling so hard right in that one spot and npot everywhere else.There may be a channel their funneling everything down an edge or an island or even an obstruction like a bridge or submerged boat or tree.Use the knowledge of that current to understand the bottom contours with your depth finder.Whats the water temp????there..Are the fry or mullet or menhadens cruising that edge....If All line up correctly they should be here but I am not catching them???

No problem move throughout the tide rip.On the edge of the channel,down the drop off on the slope,in the bottom of the channel all the way across it right up the other side,Dont be afraid to move and experiment...Reposition 10 feet will change how you present your bait to a school of fish....change your bait.....try some jigs and plastics, divers and crank baits, try a flounder rig or a bottom rig.I have wore my partners out because they had a metal bottom rig on and I had a hand tied mono one on.They have wore me out because they had a traditional one on with spinner hooks on it...tip your p;lastics with shrimp or crab or whatever to add scent to it...try a peice of spot or mullet or bluefish if you catch one it may be the right move if your not catching...If what your doing is not working then why are you continuing to do it....

I have caught more trout,spot,croaker,sea mullet,drum,blue fish, and any kind of fish you can catch in a inlet on a stiff southwest wind when everyone else stays home.I said stiff not gailing..

If grass in the inlet is a problem move until you find a spot where it is not so thick you might be impressed.Sometimes you can move the 10 or 15 to the other side of a channel and get away from it so your bait is not camouflaged or beeing drug away so fats that you cant catch a fish..Lighten up...Eevry one buys 3 ounce sinkers so they acn hold bottom..I have anywhere from split shots to 1 lb. sinkers with me.I use the lightest possible weight to get me into my target area.Ex. i use rouder weights for flounder fishing. the diamond weight hits every ridge on the bottom and feels like a light flounder bite.By using roud sinkers when i feel that bump I drop back to him for a couple seconds to let him eat my offering then set the hook.not a jerk more of a controlled fast lifting of the rod.With a diamond sinker half of all my flouder bites would be un recognized....I may add two spit shots to a jig that is the right size but not heavy enough to get me down in the water column because the wind is blowing southwest and the tide is going out creating to fast a drift or swing of my bait..

so lets wrap this part of fishing inlets 101 up with this,,wind,time of year,WATER TEMP,spped of current,type of bait,how you present the bait,where you present the bait according to the speed and direction of the tide, oh and the one everyone goes by what they caught here yesterday....If conditions are ideal to yesterday and you are there at the same time as they were,and shark doesnt come in there tonight and scare them all away, or a net catches them all,and they didnt catch them all,and you anchor in the same spot and use the exact bait hooks and weight they did,and you aloted for the tide running an hour latter.Then yes there is a good chance that yesterdays report will put you into the heart of an all you can catch today....Its a jig saw puzzle at best and you have to find the pieces you need on any given day to make it work...so again i say IF WHAT YOUR DOING IS NOT WORKING CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING...

I apologize for all grammar errors, missing captals,mis spelling(most of which is misstyping errors) and punctuation errors.I skipped typing in highschool and college..[grin][grin]

Please feel free to add some info to this thread and criticism is welcome as well.I am not an expert on any of this but, I make sure I learn something everytime I go and I tuck it away for next time and if it swims I will catch it.Next edition what does an easterly wind do?????
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