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So here's the deal. Got a pair of used Costa del mar sunglasses that I'd like to let go of. The glasses are tortoise shell harpoons with the polycarbonate amber lenses.

The good- lenses are in great shape!
The bad- my dog kind of chewed a bit on the end of one ear piece. Doesn't affect the comfort, but the glasses aren't perfect as a result.
The best- I want to give these glasses away for free!

But not just to anybody. What I'm looking for is the next generation of fisherman that is in need of a great pair of sunglasses.

So here's the deal. If you have a kid that needs good glasses, but maybe can't afford them and is in to fishing (under 16) have them send me a PM with why I should give these glasses to you.

The catch- these glasses should never be sold, but handed down to someone else that can use them. And no this isn't intended for these glasses to go to an adult.

First compelling response I get, gets the glasses. Local pickup to Glen Burnie preferred.
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