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A few months ago, I mentioned to you about a couple of changes occurring with the offshore waters forecasts, and the new zone configurations. The gridded forecast information is now available online here: http://preview.weather.gov/mwp . One this site, one the left side, you will need to click the button next to grid forecast, then select the parameter you want (wave height is under Marine; wind speed and wind gust are under Wind) via the adjacent button to the right.

With regard to the offshore zone changes, they will not be implemented until April, 2014 in order to receive additional customer feedback. A map detailing the proposes offshore zones is available here: http://www.erh.noaa.gov/er/akq/temp/Marine/Atlc_Offshore_May2013.png

The opportunity exists to split some of the proposed offshore zones even more. My thought, for the offshore zones (ANZ825/ANZ925) adjacent to our area, would be to add a split at either Parramore Island or Cape Charles Light. I am looking for your preference, so I can go back to the folks at the Ocean Prediction Center with the suggestion. Please provide me your preference by b-mail or responding to this message within the next 2 weeks. Thanks.
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