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Finally got the boat and trailer all back together and decided to try an afternoon/evening out of Dundee Creek.

Arrived at the west side of Poole's right around max flood, per NOAA, and tried some eeling for a few hours. Tried 5 or 6 spots with absolutely nothing to show for it. There were 4 or so private boats and 1 charter in the area and we didn't see any fisn caught.

Headed up close to the western shore a little north of Tolchester to get out of the wind to have dinner in peace. Spent an hour or so drifting and eating and just relaxing in beautiful conditions. Just as I was getting antsy to get back to fishing the Admiral spots some working birds and it was game on. Spent at least an hour chasing small bluefish along the channel edge north and south of Tolchester. All the fish were 10" to 14" or so and I couldn't find anything bigger below or on the edges. They seemed willing to take anything shiny but were most partial to a 1-1/2 oz Kastmaster.

By the time the action died out the wind had dropped to almost nothing, the sun had just set and we had a beautiful run to the marina at 25 to 30 mph. Wonderful day!

Grady 20
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