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To all the friend's on the Neck board.....Fish Hawg made a road trip this weekend to Va beach. Fished hardcore, From 1 hour b 4 daylight till ma nature said no more. Not a single fish or knockdown. Tried every bait combo under the sun and moon. Some random fish caught both day's. Some boat's gettin back with there limit. Butt from what we SAW, it looks like the boat's with limits were out beyond the three mile mark. I would guess the guys try'in to make a living out there have celly connection's to give them the 411 on when "the man" is approaching. It's seems as though the Cold weather pushed either the bait or the striped fishes deep ( past 3 mile ). We fished from almost N.C. to cape Henry. Had a lot of fun, even without the fishes. Sounded like a safe weekend. Check my post on the Va angler page for any details I might have left out.

BTW.... We normally stay at "days inn", with a cheap fisherman special.. That location was full so they suggested Atlantic Sands. If you can avoid it do. It was a dump. Dirty, cold, dirty.....And they lock up the dang gone place at midnight.. You have to call someone, get them out of bed to get back in.....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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