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Virginia Citations Reported
11-06-08 to 11-12-08
SpeciesCitation Size[/TD] [TH]KillsReleasesYTD
Leading EntryAngler
Black Drum80 lbs/46"028-438-44687 lbs 3 ozPaul Elliott, Jr.
Blue MarlinAny**060
Bluefish16 lbs/36"281846-30-7621 lbs 8 ozCharles T. Southall
Blueline Tilefish10 lbs4*12919 lbs 9 ozSidney E. Long, Jr.
Cobia55 lbs/50"00145-38-18394 lbs 6 ozWesley D. Smith
Crevalle Jack40"**08
Croaker3 lbs/20"0058-8-664 lbs 14 ozB. W. Wild III
Dolphin25 lbs1*13466 lbs 0 ozTodd Conner
False Albacore32"**04
Flounder7 lbs/26"10451-12-46313 lbs 9 ozChristopher A. Mounie
Gray Triggerfish4 lbs/20"0013-2-155 lbs 8 ozNick Wright
Gray Trout9 lbs/30"001-1-29 lbs 8 ozJoseph E. Hudgins, Jr.
King Mackerel20 lbs1*4462 lbs 3 ozJames McDonald
SpeciesCitation Size[/TD] [TH]KillsReleasesYTD
Leading EntryAngler
Kingfish(Roundhead)1.5 lbs/16"008-1-92 lbs 10 ozKenneth R. Godsey
Pompano1.5 lbs/16"005-0-52 lbs 8 ozRon Pennington
Red Drum46"**0544
Seabass5 lbs1*1037 lbs 8 ozReggie Myrick
Shark (Any)72"**039
Sheepshead10 lbs/24"0040-9-4914 lbs 5 ozKay Alley
Spadefish9 lbs/22"0066-4-7014 lbs 1 ozJosh Durvin
Spanish Mackerel4 lbs/26"0016-8-246 lbs 0 ozAlfred T. Simpson
Speckled Trout5 lbs/24"289380-182-56210 lbs 0 ozF. H. Ashberry
Spot1 lb/13"105-0-51 lb 8 ozMichael W. Whittaker
Striped Bass40 lbs/44"00348-182-53073 lbs 0 ozFrederick Barnes
Swordfish100 lbs/Any003-2-5190 lbs 0 ozAaron Peckham
SpeciesCitation Size[/TD] [TH]KillsReleasesYTD
Leading EntryAngler
Tautog9 lbs/23"21102-19-12120 lbs 6 ozMichael Shreve
Tuna (Bluefin)100 lbs/60"0020-38-58226 lbs 0 ozKim Schwallenberg
Tuna (Other)70 lbs0*10305 lbs 0 ozRick Wyatt
Wahoo35 lbs1*8269 lbs 0 ozBrian Davis
White MarlinAny**7427
Totals[/TD][TD][/TD][TD]68[/TD][TD]38[/TD][TD]2217-2167-4384[/TD] [TD][/TD][TD][/TD]
New Species* Weight only ** Release onlyNew Leader
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