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Virginia Citations Reported
12/02/10 to 12/08/10
SpeciesCitation Size[/TD] [TH]KillsReleasesYTD
Leading EntryAngler
Black Drum80 lbs/46"014-181-18590 lbs 0 ozJames W. Johnson, Jr.
Blue MarlinAny**082
Bluefish16 lbs/36"1125-36-6120 lbs 8 ozRay Bryan
Blueline Tilefish10 lbs0*13821 lbs 12 ozPete Knott
Cobia55 lbs/50"00231-99-330107 lbs 6 ozDavid B. Otts
Crevalle Jack40"**05
Croaker3 lbs/20"0025-1-264 lbs 0 ozGeorge A. Jeter
Dolphin25 lbs0*4543 lbs 0 ozRobert Foley
False Albacore32"**04
Flounder7 lbs/26"01239-9-24812 lbs 10 ozPete Knott
Gray Triggerfish4 lbs/20"0010-0-104 lbs 8 ozBill Perron
Gray Trout9 lbs/30"001-0-19 lbs 8 ozEric Cafini
King Mackerel20 lbs0*538 lbs 0 ozEd Boekestyn
Kingfish (Roundhead)1.5 lbs/16"005-0-52 lbs 0 ozDevin Kanusek
Pompano1.5 lbs/16"001-0-11 lbs 10 ozTheodor A. Rau
Red Drum46"**10711
SpeciesCitation Size[/TD] [TH]KillsReleasesYTD
Leading EntryAngler
Seabass5 lbs2*206 lbs 6 ozMiguel B. Johnson
Shark (Any)72"**041
Sheepshead10 lbs/24"50176-34-21014 lbs 10 ozVirgil Lipumano
Spadefish9 lbs/22"0010-3-1311 lbs 12 ozJoshua C. Proffitt
Spanish Mackerel4 lbs/26"006-3-95 lbs 8 ozBuddy Sylvia
Speckled Trout5 lbs/24"1424286-246-53212 lbs 6 ozMichael W. Whittaker
Spot1 lb/13"003-0-31 lbs 2 ozJohn Guthrie
Striped Bass40 lbs/44"4050212-124-33664 lbs 0 ozMichael D. Collier
Swordfish100 lbs/Any000-1-1
Tautog9 lbs/23"4070-20-9016 lbs 14 ozAlexander Thompson
Tuna (Bluefin)100 lbs/60"107-7-14196 lbs 0 ozBrian Davis
Tuna (Other)70 lbs0*19220 lbs 0 ozHenk VanDergiessen
Wahoo35 lbs0*3270 lbs 3 ozJeffrey Spurgeon
White MarlinAny**01248
Totals[/TD][TD][/TD][TD]67[/TD][TD]87[/TD][TD]1570-3053-4623[/TD] [TD][/TD][TD][/TD]
New Species* Weight only ** Release onlyNew Leader

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Looks like the Red and the Sheepshead were caught in Sept, Oct and early Nov.

You can look at VMRC's site to see the date, place and bait used. I usually take a look after Rob posts up the numbers. The latest citations recorded are highlighted in yellow. Most of the time the dates are pretty recent. Here's the link.


I think some of the reporting locations that do not register that many fish wait till they have several before sending them in.

Thanks Rob.
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