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Virginia Citations Reported
3-15-07 to 3-21-07
SpeciesCitation Size[/TD] [TH]KillsReleasesYTD
Leading EntryAngler
Bluefish16 lbs/36"001-5-616 lbs 0 ozPeter Carey
Blueline Tilefish10 lbs0*2118 lbs 10 ozDoug Deese
Flounder7 lbs/26"0010-4-1410 lbs 9 ozJosh Garrison
Gray Triggerfish4 lbs/20"001-1-24 lbs 3 ozJulie Ball
Seabass5 lbs3*907 lbs 7 ozDavid B. Howard
Speckled Trout5 lbs/24"2034-18-5211 lbs 5 ozDaniel Peters
Spot1 lb/13"001-0-11 lbs 1 ozJoe Few
Striped Bass40 lbs/44"30311-293-60462 lbs 1 ozWayne Rickman
Tautog9 lbs/23"0012-11-2315 lbs 10 ozJulie Ball
Totals[/TD][TD][/TD][TD]8[/TD][TD]0[/TD][TD]481-332-813[/TD] [TD][/TD][TD][/TD]
New Species* Weight only ** Release onlyNew Leader
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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