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Virginia Citations Reported
7-16-15 to 7-22-15
SpeciesCitation Size[/TD] [TH]KillsReleasesYTD
Leading EntryAngler
Black Drum80 lbs/46"001-62-6380 lbs 0 ozAnthony Pioli
Blue MarlinAny**852
Bluefish16 lbs/36"000-3-3
Blueline Tilefish10 lbs0*7822 lbs 8 ozMichael E. Hayes
Cobia55 lbs/50"15480-45-125[/B]90 lbs 0 ozJamal Esfahani
Crevalle Jack40"**22
Dolphin25 lbs0*1036 lbs 0 ozRichard Taylor
Flounder7 lbs/26"4012-1-1311 lbs 2 ozBrittany M. Wagoner
Golden Tilefish30 lbs0*2050 lbs 0 ozAnthony B. Gaffos
Gray Trout9 lbs/30"000-3-3
King Mackerel20 lbs0*533 lbs 0 ozGreg Weaver
Kingfish(Roundhead)1.5 lbs/16"102-0-21 lb 12 ozSam Cook
SpeciesCitation Size[/TD] [TH]KillsReleasesYTD
Leading EntryAngler
Red Drum46"**16371
Sea Bass5 lbs0*76 lbs 12 ozLarry Proctor
Shark (Any)72"**895
Sheepshead10 lbs/24"4235-12-4716 lbs 9 ozRyan E. Debolt
Spadefish9 lbs/22"011-1-29 lbs 0 ozAustin Fravel
Spanish Mackerel4 lbs/26"002-0-24 lbs 12 ozChristopher Endicott
Speckled Trout5 lbs/24"0022-32-5410 lbs 2 ozSam Hatley
Striped Bass40 lbs/44"001-17-1849 lbs 15 ozLeon Curry Evans
Tautog9 lbs/23"0037-9-4618 lbs 13 ozWes Blow
Tuna (Bluefin)100 lbs/60"007-2-9606 lbs 0 ozChase Robinson
Tuna (Other)70 lbs3*17221 lbs 0 ozRandy J. Childers
Wahoo35 lbs0*577 lbs 0 ozDan Adams
White MarlinAny**1184
Totals[/TD][TD][/TD][TD]27[/TD][TD]52[/TD][TD]342-805-1147[/TD] [TD]State Record[/TD][TD][/TD]
New Species* Weight only ** Release onlyNew Leader
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