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Woke up late today and putted around the house for a while kinda pissed I didn't get to go out of OI today because of wind etc...and we didn't want to take the beating even in Bills boat. Called my bro and told him there was an eddy of warm water 35 miles off VB. He was already fishing inshore with some buddies and they wanted to go as well. We had no agenda or hopes just some beers and a fly by night aresnal of 50 wide tiagras(TLD 25's as well) Left the dock at 1130 and made our way out 35 miles past the hot dog and set lines in in 74 degree water. Right off the bat saw a lobster ball or whatever and she didn't have anything. I thought this was going to be a booze cruise. Trolled out and south into colder water and decided to hit another portion of the eddy that was north. 6 rods get hit at once turned out to be a school of bailers got 8 or so out of that school we were not really going after them hard threw a few jigs. Found another very large piece of wood and had to work hard for those Mahi I spotted the school way down and had to bring them up with the secret squid.

Anyway it was a very relaxing afternoon the second school we found was in 67 degree water. The ocean was flat calm and temp was right. If I was going a full day I wouldn't have gone there but it was a great time.

On the radio I was talking with Josh and Mike and they said they had a wahoo or two and some bailers maybe a few tuna bites but it sounded scattered. Heard nothing from the south.

1pm to 5pm a dozen mahi...
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