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Latest CCA magazine reports"It is no surprise to anyone who spent more than a couple of days on the Bay in search of rockfish this fall that we had a disappointing season. Claude Bain, director of Virginia's Saltwater Fishing Touraments, reports that he issued the lowest number of striper citations in 2005 since 1998. This can be attributed to any number of plausible circumstances: deceased forage in the bay, decreased oxygen content in prime areas, natural population structure fluctuation, unusually warm water this fall, or other climatic issues. Regardless of the cause, it was evident that he striper season in the Bay was discouraging for the recreational angler."

I'm surprised that they didn't mention mycobacteriosis as a possible cause. Virginia's own Institute of Marine Science is the most outspoken University that is very concerned about the disease!

Less trohpy fish is a good reason not to open the EEZ!

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