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Virginia Beach Billfish Foundation - See what it is all about!


Well if you all do not know there is a great organization called the Virginia Beach Billfish Foundation WWW.VBBF.ORG. This organization does a lot for the Members and for getting kids involved in fishing. Some of the best Virginia fisherman are part of this organization and have been for years. The membership does a lot events through out the year like:

Hook on Fishing not on Drugs (HOFNOD): we take out 150 Kids out on the head boats out of Ruddee for a day of fishing. They go to different stations and learn Safety, Rigging, How to use a fishing rod and Fish Idenfication and Regulations on them. Also each kid leaves with a Fishing Rod, Lures and Tackle Box so they can take this experiance and get their parents to continue on with them.

Striper Tournament with Party
Marlin Tournament with Party
Overnighter Tournament with Party

3 "Free" Dock Parties at Rudee a year with food and drink
"Free" Christmas Party
Oyster Roast
Tux & Tails Galla

You receive a Membership Directory to help you keep in touch with others in the Club.

We also have a Banquet at the end of each year which gives you a chance to win Gorgeous Trophy for different catagories from Marlin to Striper caught in VA & NC and each catagory is for children as well. These trophies are awesome!!! (See catagories on our site) http://www.vbbf.org/fishing_frenzy/leaders.asp

If you would like more please visit our Website or contact me. WWW.VBBF.ORG

Your membership includes your entire family for $100! To join you can download an application at http://www.vbbf.org/membership/

Look forward to seeing you all at our next get together.
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