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On sunday, Mike had a group from Richmond that had me for a 3/4 day. We started off the golf ball in 50' of water at the end of the morning bite. Fishing was slow for the first hour and we only caught one 20#er. Then we heard about a bite going on at the cape. We got there and it was lame with small little schoolies being caught on anything small and chartruese. As soon as we got to the cape, the weather got gnarly. Blowing 30 or so and raining sideways. We caught a couple of those and boxed a 15#er and decided to go back to the golfball. The action there was slow at best but we ended up coming home with most of our limit at the end of the day with 8 nicer fish for the box. There was tons of bait and birds and we were marking the fish, but I just dont think they were heavily feeding. Charter left happy with a cooler full of fillets, so I guess it was good enough.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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