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Not much :yawn:

You could possibly C&R some small rock at base of CBBT or Lesner. Or attempt to win the rockfish lottery at the VB oceanfront. If ya go to North End the Ramada, 70th, or 81st. Or down SB way you can patrol for a rock blitz or hit the LIP aka Sandbridge pier Sandbridge Fishing Pier Online - Virginia Beach, VA. where there has been some doggies, skate, and a rare rogue rock :pp

Since I didn't have a ho ride today, I opted for ~ 3hrs of yard work while I hear Dixie Steve was painting the sunroom. Time for us to hit the casting field for some non-fishing based practice that is when it warms just up a bit :)

So good luck with that and stay warm :cool:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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